I hate bank fees!

I hate that banks charge you money just to have a bank account!

In a digital age where you are required to have bank accounts, surely the fees should be dropping, but instead they are on the rise. Last year, I started switching my accounts over to Tangerine Banking. The choice was simple as well.

Some people are nervous switching to an online bank, but when was the last time you actually needed to go to the bank. Usually for me, its only when I lose my bank card. I’m a millennial which little savings and I am tech savvy.

I have been with them for about a year. On their website they keep track of your savings and interest.

Since you’ve become a saver

Interest earned:

Fees saved:


Some of the benefits of Tangerine include

  • No Monthly Fees
  • 50 free cheques
  • High Interest savings account
  • Referral bonus’s
  • Switch assist
  • Money Back credit cards
  • Low fee investments

From now until April 30th, for every friend you successfully refer who opens their first Tangerine Account with a deposit of $100 or more using your Orange Key®, you’ll earn a double Bonus of $50 and so will they.

If you want to sign up and take advantage of $50 free, use my Orange key 45452394S1