If you haven’t been to the Maroon Pig in the beautiful Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, than you are missing out!! Here is an exert from their Facebook page ;

A small batch bakery/ sweet shop and art gallery. A unique destination location and neighbourhood place in scenic Georgetown. An exceptional collection of art (paintings, prints, sculpture, collectibles), and hand-baked items. Everything is made from scratch and we source local, fresh ingredients.

Stacy runs the bakery and her husband, Richard creates wonderful pieces of art. They moved to rural PEI to pursue their passions. They pour their heart and soul into their business, and you can tell.


My favorite thing is they make real food with real ingredients. There Butterscotch brownies taste like heaven. The perfect mix of gooey butterscotch and chewy brownie and the pieces are huge.  Wanna know the best part? Each brownie is only $3. For my birthday last year, the only thing I asked for was these brownies. So amazing that when people knew I was going to get them, I would have to buy extra to deliver to other people.

Everything she makes is amazing and the menu is constantly changing. At anytime you will have the selection of over a dozen baked goods and home made candies. Sometimes there is even Maple Glazed Bacon Cinnamon Rolls!!


Located at 37 Water Street in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island. If you are in the area, you have to stop by.