I’m sure you have seen these post popping up on your Facebook feed. Friends innocently asking for you to post what you love about them in the comments.

Let’s build each other up today❗️🙌😊 Put this on your status to see what people love about you…
I love your _______________

I love my friends, so every time I see it, I write what I love about them. Very seldom do we actually tell each other how we feel about them. However, I refuse to repost this on my wall.


While its a great thing to do to boost your self confidence, the ones who truly need to hear what you love about them… will be to insecure to post it on their wall. People suffering from depression, anxiety and low self esteem will often have to many fears to post something like this

What if no one likes me?

What if no one responds?

I doubt I matter to anyone!

Instead, I think we should randomly post it on someone else’s wall and let them know what you love about them out of the blue. Chances are you will brighten their entire day. Everyone of us could benefit from a little boost in confidence. Or, you could go one step forward and text them.


I wish we were the kind of world that builds each up other without asking. There is so much violence and hatred going on in the world. Never have we had so much materialistically, but we are mentally the most unhappy.

Let me know what you guys think! Try letting someone you know how you feel about them and see how much it brightens both of yours day!