When I was a kid, I loved getting Valentine’s at school. I couldn’t wait to sit down with the class photo and a fresh stack of valentines, spending hours matching the right card to the right person. Than I had to personalize each one, making sure to say something nice about each person. Every kid in the class got one.  When you are a kid, its not about soul mates and romance. Its about friendship and fun.

But as we get older, Valentine’s Day changes from something you do with all your friends to something you only do with your one true love. This is great if you’ve got lots of money and you found your soul mate, but a lot of us are not this lucky. Men feel overwhelming pressure to spend money on chocolates and flowers, and single people feel depressed and lonely.

In the last 6 month I had a life changing injury at work, my house burned down and two friends lost the battle with mental illness. There is so much going on in the world that we don’t need some Hallmark holiday bringing us down even more.

This year, I’m doing things differently and I  hope you join me!!

Instead of buying a sappy gift,  spending money on something my man doesn’t need, I am going to text him and let him know how much he means to me. I’m not going to stop there though. I am going to text every single person I care about. I started a list of people to text and email on Valentines day.

People to include on the list can include:

  • Boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Mother/Father
  • Step parents
  • Brothers/sisters
  • Friends
  • Neighbors

We all assume our friends know how we feel about them, but do they? Let’s send everyone a quick message on Valentine’s Day and let them. It might just be the cheer up message that a friend needs to receive.

You don’t have to write a book, but you should at least write it. I know there are funny meme’s that often say exactly what we mean, but today things should come from the heart.

Some examples of what to say:

  1. Let them know you are grateful they are your friend
  2. Tell them what qualities you admire about them
  3. Remind them of a funny story you cherish
  4. Why your friendship is important to you
  5. Example of a time they were there for you.

Please join me this year in the Valentine’s Day Text Challenge and hopefully make a few more people have a brighter day!!