I love getting up and making my man breakfast everyday. I don’t even eat breakfast, yet I love cooking breakfast. He was resistant at first to the thought of me making him breakfast and switching off his old routine of Fruit Loops and toast!

I get it must be weird to have someone actually WANT to cook you a big breakfast every single morning! Some might find it strange that it actually took convincing on my part for him to even allow me to do this. I finally won and he doesn’t resist it, or feel guilty anymore.

I make all sorts of things, but this is his favorite by far. Lucky for me, its also super easy. It’s a one pan shredded hashbrown skillet.

I start by taking enough shredded potatoes to cover the bottom of a 12 inch skillet. I never measure anything and I rarely use recipes. For one person, its probably about 1/2 cup. Throw on the stove top over medium heat. I put about a teaspoon of butter in the pan to prevent sticking and makes the potatoes taste better than oils or non-stick spray. I LOVE cooking with butter. I season the potatoes with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.

While the potatoes are cooking I cut up 1/2 piece of bologna, 1 mushroom and about 1 inch’s worth of green pepper. By the time i get those things cut, the hashbrowns are just beginning to soften so everything goes right into the pan. While everything cooks, I crack an egg into a shallow bowl, add some milk and a touch more pepper and whisk it until its nice a frothy.

When the hashbrowns are crispy and the peppers have soften, push everything off to one half. Turn the heat down the low. I usually drop two pieces of toast into the toaster, than I add the egg mixture to the other side of the frying pan.scramble the eggs on the other side of the pan, doing your best to keep it out of the potatoes. Add some shredded cheese onto the potatoes.

When the eggs are cooked, mix both sides together and serve with a side of buttered toast.

This breakfast is so fast, so easy, and so customizable its amazing. You don’t need a recipe, all you need is the idea!!

Let me know what you guys think of breakfast!!  Would you get up and make your man breakfast everyday?